List of MA Insurance Companies That Will Offer Home Insurance to Pit Bull Owners

by Andrea on June 23, 2011

I have found a few more options for Home Owners Insurance in MA, so I have compiled a list of all the companies I’ve found to date that will offer insurance to pit bull owners. I hope this list is helpful. Again, please email me if you know of other available options.

**If you or anyone in your family is in the military, you may want to try:



Phone: 1-800-531-USAA (8722)

USAA will offer you coverage as long as your dog does not have a previous bite history.

**Another option is to take out Canine Liability Coverage. Some insurance companies that wouldn’t normally offer you coverage if you have a dog that is on the “dangerous dog” list, may offer it to you with CLC.  One company that offers Canine Liability Coverage is Lester Kalmanson Agency, Inc.,  I spoke to an employee at the company and she wasn’t sure which insurance companies would change their breed restriction policies, but you can definitely inquire with your insurance co. I heard from a friend that she was quoted $650.00 for 100K in coverage. It seems a little pricey but it’s another option to consider.

American Modern:

American Modern will give coverage to owners of a Pit Bull and also offers $10,000 in liability coverage. If your dog has a previous bite history you will lose the $10,000 liability coverage.


Phone: 866-884-6167

Commerce Insurance:

Commerce will give coverage to owners of a Pit Bull with the following criteria:

• The dog can not have a bite history

• The dog has to have it’s Canine Good Citizen Certificate (CGC)


Phone: 800-922-8276

Fireman’s Fund:

Pit Bulls are covered only with Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association (MPIUA). This will increase the cost of your policy through Fireman’s Fund.


Phone: 800-227-1700

Liberty Mutual:

[Update 10/9/13 – I received the following email from Nicholas Culafi, an agent at Liberty Mutual. He is extremely nice and has already successfully helped one of our readers.


I wanted to make myself available as a resource to your blog readers.  As an owner of a GSD, I can appreciate the concerns that come with dogs that have reputations of being difficult to get insured with a homeowners policy.

I work for Liberty Mutual and I have the authority to insure most dogs and can get approval for the remainder.  Typically, if the dog is a pit bull, wolf mix, GSD, Rottweiler, etc… I meet the dog in person.  If the owner can demonstrate control and the dog demonstrates obedience and can get along with me during my visit, I can get the dogs approved.  In instances where the dog has not been trained properly or the dog exhibits dangerous tendencies during my visit, then the dog is ineligible.  My goal is to reward good owners with good coverage as I do not believe that dog owners should be punished simply for the breed of dog they own.

Our homeowners policies offer a lot of value in themselves, with benefits such as 24-hour repair service and replacement cost for lost items, but for dog owners like you and I, being able feel the security of owning a specific breed and knowing that we are protected is not easily found.

Your blog was a great read, and if I can be any help in the future, please let me know.

Thank you!

Nicholas Culafi | Sales Representative | Liberty Mutual Insurance
771 Southbridge Street | Auburn, MA 01501
Office (508) 755-7326 ex. 52495 |Cell (508) 304-0381| Fax (508) 832-5373

Liberty Mutual will give coverage to owners of a Pit Bull with the following criteria:

• You must have a fenced in yard
• The dog must be Spayed / Neutered
• You have to have owned the dog for more than 6-months
• You can not have any children (Not sure what age group is considered “children”)
• The dog can not have a bite history

Liberty Mutual will make decisions on a case by case basis. If the dog has their Canine Good Citizens Certificate (CGC) some of the criteria may change.


Phone: 888-398-8924

Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association (MPIUA):

(Also known as the Massachusetts FAIR Plan (Fair Access to Insurance Requirements) provides basic property insurance on eligible property for applicants who have been unable to gain insurance through the voluntary market. MPIUA offers policies under the Homeowners, Dwelling Fire and Commercial Property programs as approved by the Massachusetts Division of Insurance)

MPIUA will offer insurance to home owners with a Pit Bull but it will not be liable for any incidents involving that animal.


Phone: (617) 723.3800
Toll Free MA (800) 392.6108
Toll Free USA (800) 851.897

Safety Insurance:

Pit Bulls are normally not covered by Safety however they are willing to look at individual situations especially when there are no children in the household and the yard is completely fenced.


Phone: 800-951-2100

12 Responses to “List of MA Insurance Companies That Will Offer Home Insurance to Pit Bull Owners”

  1. Jess Galvin says:

    State Farm also offers homeowners to people. They have NO restrictions as long as your dog has not bitten. NO premium increase etc, just like USAA. USAA however is only for military or former military.

  2. Dorothy Titcomb says:

    Wish I had come across this site sooner – I have been dropped by 3 insurance companies because of my 11 year old Pit-bull (no bite history) – I was so discouraged – My agent just found me another company (merchants) – maybe it is because I have to commerical insurance because we have an Automotive Business on our property. This information is very good to know – Thank you

  3. Linda Jones says:

    My tenants rescued a pit bull and the dog has a bite history, what can I do in this situation?

  4. Andrea says:

    Hi Linda,

    As far as I know American Modern will offer coverage with a dog with a bite history. You will lose your 10,000 in liability coverage though.

    Another option will be to take out Canine Liability Coverage. There are many private companies that will offer it, the one I know of is Lester Kalmanson Agency, Inc., There is a link above.

    Good luck!

  5. Monique says:

    I just received coverage for my 8 year old pitbull from Narragansett Bay Insurance (through H&K). Only requirement was that it not have any bite history and they actally came to the house to assess our dog which was no issue at all. Paying a third of what I paid under MPIUA.

  6. Melissa says:

    Hi Linda

    We were told this week by both Liberty Mutual and Commerce that they absolutely do not insure homeowners who disclose they have a pitbull.

  7. Dori says:

    Einhorn Insurance also offers renters and stand alone dog liability insurance in Mass.
    They offer payment plans where other companies don’t.

  8. Donna says:

    Our company does renters insurance policies for owners of pitbulls in MA.

    Check out

  9. J says:

    My wife and I fell in love with a pit mix at one of our local shelters but are going crazy over the insurance. We currently have Narragansett Bay and they said “no way”. It seems the local agents I’ve talked to don’t want to find insurance that will accept the dog. Very frustrating.

  10. Gaitre says:

    This is quite helpful as I am looking for coverage For our new pitbull puppy named Luca who is 6 months old. Einhorn seems to be a great fit but I’m still waiting to hear back from them… I called American Modern and they don’t include dog liability for pitbulls on their renters insurance even if there is not bite history… Basically they won’t cover Luca whatsoever so they are not a pit friendly company… Just wanted to share my experience with you all…

  11. KB says:

    Just wanted to give you a heads up…Commerce Ins does not cover any pitbull/pit mix at all! I have commerce for auto and wanted to combine policies because I just purchased a house and they told me “No” this exception is only for German Shepards! I dropped them for all coverages and now search continues for another company..Currently waiting for Mass Property to give me a quote!!

  12. Maura says:

    Not sure why you are saying Commerce does not insure pit bulls. They will insure them if they have a CGC certificate.
    To the landlord? Make your tenants get a renters policy with at least 500K in liability. That ought to satisfy your insurance company.
    I am an insurance agent, and can write coverage for any situation. 800-241-1151 x816

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