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Lex and Nadine’s relationship was the original inspiration for this blog. They were great buddies from the time Nadine was a puppy and their interactions were always hysterical and heartwarming to watch.


Lex is the dog “love of my life.” I adopted him when he was only 8-weeks old from a woman who brought 3 pittie-mix puppies down to the city from Upstate New York. I fell in love the second I saw him and brought him home despite the fact that I could barely take care of myself in the big city.

Lex has very deep, expressive eyes and an awareness and sensitivity that has human-like qualities. I think him and I connect on a pretty deep level.

He is a true example of a male pit bull. He’s unbelievably athletic and is totally obsessed with his ball.  He plays so hard that he tore his ACL (same injury as Tom Brady) 2 years ago and had a 6-month recovery. He’s completely recovered now but on a very tight leash, if you know what I mean.


Nadine was my mother-in-law’s dog and was one of the sweetest girls you could ever meet. She was a young dog with an old soul and had the cutest little gray face. She loved to spend her time cuddled up on your lap or hanging out in front of the fireplace.

She had a major shoe fetish and her favorite pastime was collecting as many shoes as she could find to stack up in her crate.

Nadine passed away this past April at only 3.5 years old and she will be greatly missed.


Pixie was an unexpected (or this blog would have been The Pit(s) and the Pug) but wonderful addition to our family. We were supposed to foster her for only 5 days while her “real” foster family went on vacation, but I nearly had a nervous breakdown the night I had to return her and here she is today…. still in our home.

Pixie is a feisty, 1 year old pup and definitely going through her terrible twos (in dog years of course.) Although her and Lex get along amazingly well most of the time, she manages to test every one of his last nerves by stealing his bones, smelling his bum, and hanging from the scruff of his neck as often as possible. Finally when she calms down, she loves to just cuddle up with her big brother which is what makes having a second dog so worth it.

She’s a very feminine and petite little puppy who prances around happily like a deer. She only weighs 45lbs but is one of the most food-motivated dogs I have ever met. She is relentless in her quest for food and bones but luckily that makes her extremely trainable… but not much fun to have around during dinner time.

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The Pit and The Pug is a community for
Pit Bull owners, admirers and individuals interested in learning more about the “breed.” Striving to encourage education, awareness and responsible ownership, the blog will feature relevant news, resources, information and important issues as well as inspirational stories of dogs who have overcome hardship or abuse to become breed ambassadors.

The blog also shares the joy, humor, adventure and challenges I experience as mom to two wonderful pit bulls.

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